How to Get More Done

If there is one aspect of work that I have found consistently challenging, for myself and my clients, it is the ability to focus one’s time and energy. With endless emails, meetings, articles, reports, best practices and good ideas coming from every which way, we are all challenged to find ways to keep our eye on the prize and stay focused so we can accomplish our most critical goals.

There is a ton out there about how to manage your time, and even some experts say it is not about managing your time at all, but instead about managing your energy.  

There is the Pomodoro technique, Getting Things Done, Zen to Done, lots of really great online task management systems, and old school to-do lists.

I have experimented with lots of these, and I bet you have too.  I don’t have all the answers for what works best, but I have been able to support my coaching clients tame the overwhelm and find ways to focus on what’s important instead of always reacting to what’s urgent.

I have found the solution lies in having a clear set of priorities, having a plan, getting comfortable with saying no – even to things you really want to do – and getting others to support you and hold you accountable.

Little things add up, too.  Not checking email constantly throughout the day.  Using to manage your email subscriptions. Making a “not to do list.”  Experimenting with No Meetings Wednesdays.

Download our What’s Essential Worksheet to see if it might help you make this your most productive week yet!

Amy Varga

Amy Varga


Amy Varga is a beloved fundraising trainer, coach and consultant. She and her team at The Varga Group have guided over a hundred nonprofit clients to raise millions of dollars through their services in capital campaign counsel, major gifts training, leadership coaching, and board development projects.