Excellence versus Perfectionism

Perfectionism kills ideas, creativity, and actually getting things done.

Perfectionism increases procrastination.

Excellence is committed to getting things started and getting them out into the world.

Perfectionism is focused on unattainable goals. Excellence is committed to high standards.

Perfectionism is fake. Excellence is authentic and full of integrity.

Excellence is focused on learning, growing and keeping at it. 

Being perfect is an impossibility. Excellence is a worthwhile pursuit.

Amy Varga

Amy Varga


Since 2013, Amy Varga and her team at The Varga Group have worked with over 60 higher education institutions, independent schools and nonprofits to grow their fundraising, train their board, coach their leaders and successfully navigate their capital and comprehensive campaigns. They have helped their clients raise more than $90M. The Varga Group team is based in Portland, Oregon and works with clients nationwide.