The 11 Questions All Donors Want to Ask

So often as fundraisers, we focus on the questions we want to ask donors.

Would you consider making a transformative gift to our campaign? How did you first get involved with our organization? What about our work inspires you?

question-iconIn Harvey McKinnon’s The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks book, he lists the key questions donors need you to answer.

  1. “Why me?”
  2. “Why are you asking me?”
  3. “Do I respect you?”
  4. “How much do you want?”
  5. “Why your organization?”
  6. “Will my gift make a difference?”
  7. “Is there an urgent reason to give?
  8. “Is it easy to give?”
  9. “How will I be treated?”
  10. “Will I have a say over how you use my gift?”
  11. “How will you measure results?”

All donors long for you to speak to these core questions.  After all, if you flex your empathy skills it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? They want to know the same things we want to know – Why me? Will I make a difference? How will I be treated? Is it worth it?

How will you change how you communicate with your donors now that you know what questions they have for you?

Amy Varga

Amy Varga


Since 2013, Amy Varga and her team at The Varga Group have worked with over 60 higher education institutions, independent schools and nonprofits to grow their fundraising, train their board, coach their leaders and successfully navigate their capital and comprehensive campaigns. They have helped their clients raise more than $90M. The Varga Group team is based in Portland, Oregon and works with clients nationwide.